Italian Republic Day

Italian Republic Day

For the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the Italia Republic, the Italian Embassy in Paris has opened its doors to celebrate Italian excellence and our country's passion for progress and peace. This year's celebration is indeed a showcase of Italian excellence.

For the celebration, Angelini Design defined the concept and graphic format (Rande-vous Italia) that speak of the brotherhood between Italy and France. A thoughtful exhibition presents stories and testimonies that communicate the resourcefulness and Creativity with which Italian men and women have achieved greatness, rising to the highest levels in various disciplines, from visual arts to music, technology, cinema, industry, and fashion.

The event represents an opportunity to reflect on the relevant theme of cohesion between peoples, with peace being fundamental for Europe.

Angelini Design was also responsible for planning the museum itinerary and the selection of artists and works of art.

Creativity and resourcefulness are the focus of the tribute paid to Nino Cerruti, the fashion designer and entrepreneur who recently passed away. The exhibition itinerary, created together with the Cerruti 1881 fashion label, and Lanificio Cerruti offers a journey through Nino Cerruti's career, presenting some of his iconic creations and the historic industrial activity on the banks of the Cervo River in Biella.

To celebrate the centenary of the birth of Vittorio Gassman and Ugo Tognazzi, and in memory of the recent passing of Monica Vitti, an immersive experience has been produced in collaboration with Archivio Luce and the National Cinema Museum in Turin. Period photos, archival photos of films, and posters of their most well-known films pay tribute to these key figures in the history of Italian cinema who are also loved on French soil.

For the occasion of the major retrospective devoted to the painter Giovanni Boldini, held at the Petit Palais Museum through to July, reproductions of one of the most representative artists of the Belle Époque decorate the salons of the residence, inviting visitors to relive the excitement of the French capital at the leading-edge of modernity.