Building the energy market of the future, with Eni gas e luce.

Building the energy market of the future, with Eni gas e luce.

Eni gas e luce is ready to face the future and, even in the current climate of uncertainty, is preparing the foundation on which the energy market will develop: a foundation that will make it sustainable, circular and inclusive.

Angelini Design, as the company’s BTL communication partner, has been implementing a strategy to clearly convey Eni gas e luce’s profound transformation as it leverages emerging digital technologies to launch new products, new services, and experiences that are always up to speed with modern clients’ expectations. The agency has indeed already supported its client in the communication for a growing range of high-energy-efficiency products and services for the home, personal use and electric mobility.

Eni gas e luce currently has five flagship stores - Milan, Bologna, Vicenza, Padua and Treviso - and a network of 150 Energy Stores in Italy, offering customized professional assistance to 9 million customers.

With the opening of its first flagship store in Milan, Eni gas e luce has created an innovative space that transforms the concept of energy from simple commodity to resource – a resource that makes improving people’s lives possible. To reinforce this shift, an impressive window setup was designed to convey the idea of innovative and surprising energy. The creative concept focused on wonder as the keyword for the entire project, joining a powerful visual with great care for environmental issues.

For the window setup, the agency collaborated with Mauro Seresini: a talented paper craft artist born in Milan in 1976, who has worked with leading international advertisement agencies and publishers and is known for creating works that surprise and impress, with a mix of technique developed over the years and high aesthetic value.

Seresini’s installation is an imaginary forest in which paper flowers and plants coexist with LED lamps and other technological devices, created by Hive for Eni gas e luce’s smart home. An enchanted and mesmerizing set that appears inside a porthole, surrounded by the call to action defined by Angelini Design, “Lasciati stupire dalla nostra energia” - “Let our energy surprise you”.

The window on Corso Buenos Aires in Milan thus becomes the contact point between one of the busiest streets in Europe and Eni gas e luce’s new flagship store. With the bright colors of the paper plants and flowers, the composition attracted the attention of thousands of curious passersby, and was featured in the October issue of an interior decor magazine.