Palazzo Lana Extrême Riserva Berlucchi Franciacorta Launch

Palazzo Lana Extrême Riserva Berlucchi Franciacorta Launch

With the launch of the Palazzo Lana Extrême Riserva line, Berlucchi Franciacorta reaffirms its winemaking mastery and premium positioning in the world of traditional method sparkling wines. Palazzo Lana Extrême epitomizes the excellence of Berlucchi winery. Crafted exclusively from Pinot Noir grapes grown in the estate vineyards adjacent to the palace of the same name, this limited-production wine has captivated discerning clientele and Michelin-starred restaurants alike.

For the occasion of the launch, Angelini Design developed the product positioning with the claim "Precious Like a Secret," designed the visual identity, crafted contemporary and unexpected storytelling, and created all social media content.

The new vision of Palazzo Lana draws from its rich history and the wine’s profound

connection to the territory - the place that embodies the company's legacy.

The concept of "The Secret Garden," inspired by the estate's special vineyard parcels where the wine is produced, comes to life through a visual language of foliage that defines the project's art direction. This imagery immerses the observer in a dream-like experience, where wonder, exclusivity, and enchantment underscore the preciousness of Berlucchi Franciacorta bubbles.

Through a dedicated photo shoot by video artist Renato Cerisola and the meticulous styling of Elena Pignata, Angelini Design has interpreted the key concept of 'time' as anticipation, transformation, and prestige. This magical narrative evokes an emotional connection with the target audience, transforming the wine into a symbol of sensory exploration.