Follow the rhythm with “Vivi O-live”

Follow the rhythm with “Vivi O-live”

Building upon the success of Olio Basso's 2023 rebranding and the nationwide debut of its latest product, Angelini Design propels the cherished Italian oil brand forward with an integrated advertising initiative campaign, including a captivating television commercial.

At the heart of the campaign, Angelini Design pairs the tagline “O-live” with a new spokesperson - an animated character whose infectious smile and dynamic presence embody the vitality integral to the Olio Basso’s brand identity. Springing to life in an animated video, this fun figure dances to the beat of an irresistible swing jingle, radiating joy, a spirit of sharing, and refreshing lightness.

Scheduled to air on major national television networks, streaming platforms such as Netflix and Sky, and all social media platforms, the commercial is poised for maximum exposure across Italy.

Beyond the digital realm, the campaign finds its place in the bustling airports and train stations of major Italian cities with large-scale out-of-home installations, engaging people on the move, inspiring connectivity, and providing a catalyst for action.

As Olio Basso continues its journey of reinvention and expansion, Angelini Design’s innovative campaign stands as a testament to the brand’s  spirit and commitment to excellence.