Banca Investis - Charting Uncommon Journeys through Art and Design

Banca Investis - Charting Uncommon Journeys through Art and Design

In the world of financial services tailored for high-net-worth clients, Banca Investis shines as a beacon of bespoke excellence. The renowned independent bank redefines client experiences through exclusive and innovative solutions - traits proudly encapsulated in the brand’s promise of ‘Uncommon Journeys’.

In line with this ethos, Banca Investis transformed its Milan Offices into a vibrant hub of artistic excellence for Milan Design Week 2024 as a part of Fuorisalone. The event, named The Sign Week, offered participants an engaging and immersive experience, aimed at reinforcing the brand’s positioning as a facilitator of top-tier client services.

Angelini Design defined the visual identity for the event, developing a creative office-front window installation, a captivating logo and valuable communication assets, all effectively reinforcing Banca Investis' identity as a patron of the arts.

Drawing inspiration from the bank's architecture and intricate spatial patterns, Angelini Design crafted an abstract landscape-like pattern, echoed throughout the event’s materials. The timeless symbol of the triangle, representing perfection and harmony, unfolds in an eternal dance, bringing fresh forms to life and enchanting the observer.